What to KNOW

Despite being one thought of as one of the last villages to be permanently settled on the Lower North Shore, Chevery has a long history including archaeological evidence of occupation during the Maritime Archaic period. The village is located along a sandy bay near the mouth of the thundering Netagamiou River. An early French fur-trading and seal-fishing post was established here in the 1730s by Jacques de Lafontaine de Belcour through a concession from France. After the post was abandoned in the 1770s, a salmon and seal fishery was established in 1826 and animated at the mouth of the Netagmiou River by Thomas Collard and his family until 1875. There was no further settlement in the area until 1931. That year, an experimental agricultural farm was established on the eastern bank of the nearby Cross River. With support from the federal government, William “Dosh” Anderson and his family cleared the land, imported livestock, and maintained vegetable gardens. The farm operated until World War II.

In the 1950s, residents of remote Gull Cliff Island, Aylmer Sound and various abandoned settlements requested a permanent mainland community with better acess to services. This resulted in the establishment of Chevery.

What to SEE

Wolf Bay

A full day’s outing can be organized with a boat taxi operator to enchanting Wolf Bay, about 55 kilometres (34 miles) southwest of Chevery. The 150-year-old settlement consists of wharves, sheds, houses, and a family cemetery, and now serves as a summer fishing place.

Wolf Bay Migratory Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located between the communities of Chevery and La Romaine. It is an important nesting area for the Common Eider Duck, Leach's Storm-Petrel, Razorbill, and other seabirds found on the Lower North Shore. During breeding season, Atlantic Puffins arrive here in large numbers. There are no public activities permitted within the boundaries of this sanctuary.

Chevery Green Space

A 1.5 km hiking trial in the center of town with access to the beach as well as a picnic area that includes picnic tables and park benches.

Sterant Island Tern Colony

An island with an active Tern colony only 200 meters from the beach at Chevery West.

St. Mary’s Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary

In April 1925 a migratory bird sanctuary was established on St. Mary’s Island, one of thirteen islands in the surrounding archipelago located approximately 15 km from Chevery. This migratory bird sanctuary is one of the most significant and diversed migratory seabird sanctuaries in the Gulf of the Saint Lawrence.

Chevery beaches and Cross River peninsula

The picturesque village of Chevery in the heart of the Quebec Lower North Shore can be reached during the summer by the Bella Desgagnés or the Port of Harrington Harbour or by plane via daily flights charters from Sept-Iles or Blanc Sablon. Access to more than 5km of pristine beaches facing the Golfe Saint Laurent are ideal for hiking, swimming, picnicking, camping, berry picking, fishing (sea trout when in season and with a permit), whale watching and sea bird observation (especially the tern colony only 200 meters from the beach), sea kayaking, wind surfing and boating.



Hiking and walking, bird and whale watching, iceberg viewing, boat tours, sea kayaking, berry-picking, salmon fishing, wilderness camping, ATV

  • Sandy beaches: Long, inviting sandy beaches stretch along the village waterfront. The beaches are a great place for walking, observing wildlife, and viewing icebergs.
  • Helicopter ride: You can fly over the Netagamiou falls on Transport Quebec’s exciting and inexpensive helicopter service to nearby Harrington Harbour (autumn and spring only).
  • Bob Nunez Misty River Hiking Trial: this well-marked trail leads to the thundering Netagamiou Falls. The path covers rough terrain and goes through the woods. This beautiful and serene route provides several look-out points over the falls. Along the way, there are picnic tables, a small sandy beach, and a beaver dam in a small pond at the end of the trail.


Snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, winter carnival, hockey tournaments



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